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Wardrobe check

Just fill your closet with clothes and accessories of which you already have a lot? Always come home with the same purchases? Unpacking your 5th and almost the same pair of jeans? Bought loose items that you ultimately can't use? Overflowing wardrobes and you feel like you have nothing to wear?

Detox your closet before you go shopping again. I'd love to help you with that.

The size of the contents of your cupboard says nothing about the variation possibilities of Style. It's about the combinations you can make with the right clothing items and the art of being able to combine this creatively. Being able to mix the seasons well. It is also important that business and private outfits can be mixed, both classic and sporty.
With my handy tips and tools you will then be able to make the right combinations for different occasions. I will tell you all about the choice of materials for your clothing, colors and print combinations, and the correct proportions of the top and bottom pieces. What shoes and accessories do you wear with what? Result: Overview and insight, nice sets, no more mispurchases. Everything becomes portable again. More combinations with less expenditure. Who doesn't want this?
“Your clothing creativity starts on the shelf of your own closet.”

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