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vip day

Can't see the wood for the trees when it comes to clothing? Do you need someone who thinks along with you, who picks the right garments from the racks for you and who gives you honest and objective advice? Or are you looking for someone to shop for you?

Then our VIP DAY is really something for you!

This day revolves around you; During our introductory meeting, we map out your wishes and needs together and determine the program for the day. You can choose from (a combination of) the following options:

  • Wardrobe check ; during the wardrobe check as part of the VIP day, we briefly look at your current wardrobe; what do you have hanging in your closet, what do you miss, which pieces would you like to wear but you don't know with what. This wardrobe check will of course take place at your home.
  • Clothing style and color advice ; during this session you will discover which styles you can wear best and with which outfits you can accentuate your strengths. You will also gain insight into the use of colours; which colors work for you and which don't.
  • Personal shopping ; you come to the store to supplement / expand your wardrobe. Of course we take your budget into account. While shopping, I select clothes for you, show you what you can do with color and style and give you useful tips and advice that you can use yourself next time.
  • outsourcing; if you don't feel like/time to come, I can also bring clothes for you. I will take the selected clothing with me on the VIP day so that you can try it on at home in peace. You have no obligation to purchase and of course only pay for the clothes you keep.

Of course, this fun and educational VIP day can also be booked with several people.

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