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We like to work together. It's not for nothing that they say alone you may be faster, but together you go further!

We like to be innovative and are open to new ideas.

We are looking for:

Share, connect, create and inspire! Do you comply with this? Then we're looking for you!
You must have at least 20,000 followers on Instagram and/or Facebook.
That's it... email us!

Creative brain, we love that!
Do you have a great idea for a collaboration? Please let us know!
As a stylist, give color and clothing style advice and do you need a space for this. Our first stage is ideally suited for this.

Of course it is also possible to use one or more fashion items for TV recordings, photo shoots and other purposes.

Are you a fashion lover and do you have a large reach? That's convenient, because we love working with you!
Send us an email now; the possibilities are endless.

Don't vlog for views, vlog for you viewers! Correct? Then we would like to enter into a partnership with you.

Start a collaboration with DC Rotterdam now! How? Everything is negotiable.

Is your passion not listed above? But would you like to collaborate with us? Feel free to send us an email!

Send your question to stating 'cooperation DC'. Don't forget to say something about your social media channels and/or website in this email.

We look forward to your message!

❤️ Love

Team Donna Colors

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