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Retail training for new employees

Retail training for new employees.

In these times it is quite difficult to get and keep good, motivated and skilled people on the work floor. There are plenty of vacancies in retail in which we ask for the sheep with 5 legs that can immediately generate turnover for the boss.
We know from experience when a new employee enters the workplace, it does not always come out well. Little or no product knowledge, insecure, ignorant, everything is new.

Where is it going wrong?

The knowledge is often imparted by the branch manager or another employee who has been with the organization for some time.

What is happening?

Branch managers actually don't have time for coaching due to the pressure in the store, so people are going to teach themselves to do something anyway. Correcting self-learned sales techniques by a colleague or branch manager is also difficult or sensitive.
The result is that the new employee is only busy with chores in the warehouse. So it does not contribute to the turnover. No fixed approach and so there are many captains on 1 ship with their own learned mannerisms. This can really be different!
For this we have specially developed our own training from the practice, based on our own knowledge and experience! Styling, advising and selling from your passion.
In addition to the application procedure and practical matters, invest in the training of the new employee. So that the new employee goes on the floor trained and this has a direct positive effect on turnover.
In addition to a beautiful clothing collection, the customer also wants to have confidence in the stylist on the shop floor and to have a good feeling about the knowledge and skills.

Our trainings; The power of clothes!

Tailor-made, interactive and appropriate to organization and product, we offer:
• Practical knowledge & experience directly applicable on the shop floor.
• Combining Colors & Materials
• Figure analysis with styles
• Learn to communicate in the workplace
• Questioning from start to finish
• Customer experience

For whom?

• New employees
• Refresher course or boost for an existing team
• Let your employees propagate your new branding!

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