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Fashion Italy

Italian clothing has been a very big trend for a long time. Over the centuries we Dutch have learned a lot about the Italians. One thing is certain: Italian factories make high-quality clothing. Italian women are also known for their femininity and unique style. Few ladies leave the house without make-up and beautiful clothes.

The Italian clothing from our boutique is of high quality, timeless and will last for years. Unlike ready-to-wear clothing, you will still be able to take a suit or dress from us 10 years from now with a good feeling. No one will be surprised if you wear something you bought years ago.

What makes the difference with clothes from ready-to-wear stores? The fabrics are made of soft but sturdy cashmere, silk, cotton and viscose. You will find only a few items of each item of clothing in our store. We prefer quality over quantity. You will certainly notice that difference in the lifespan of the garment.

Women prefer different styles and have different sizes. This is reflected in the Italian clothing available at Donna Colori. At our store or online shop you will find clothing for the day. Think of leather pants, denim jackets and warm sweaters made of Italian cashmere.

The women who go to the office always succeed in our store. The silk blouses, Italian ladies suits and leather bags are very popular with the career woman who likes to dress nicely. We show you that casual smart can be very beautiful.

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