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About us

We all know the women who step into a room with confidence. They are not always the prettiest, the slimmest or the smartest, they are not arrogant and everyone likes them.

Donna Colori is all about you.

We think it's important that everyone is the best version of themselves. Feeling nice and comfortable ensures that you are in your strength.

We work from a passion for fashion and design, always with your wishes in mind. We are not a large and commercial company. We want to lead the way with high-quality items and rapidly changing collections. We have an allergy to the pigeonholing mentality. Whether you are young, old, fat or thin. It's about how you feel and how you want to feel.

We are not tied to 1 fashion brand, but look at the latest fashion trends. We prefer the casual chic look. It is a combination between classic and trendy. This has the advantage that you always look neat, but never overdressed.

Innovation is central, not only in products but also in our way of working. With this we provide a completely new view and approach.

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