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You have been invited to a wedding, how nice! But what are you wearing?

Does the bridal couple have a dress code for the wedding? Are you a day guest or an evening guest and what is the difference between them? And what rules are there besides the dress code? We are happy to tell you all about this.

An established dress code

It's an open door, but we'll mention it anyway: the bridal couple determines the dress code. Of course, that could just as well mean that there is no dress code, but basically you should adapt to the wishes of the bridal couple. It is therefore possible that they have indicated a dress code on the invitation for you as a guest. Below we explain per dress code what they entail, so that you can look good at the wedding!

Is there a difference between day and evening guests?

In general, people close to the wedding couple are the day guests, such as close friends and family. If day guest are you present for a longer period of time? Choose something that is comfortable all day long, but that fits the wedding and the dress code, if any. For a church wedding, you should preferably choose a dress for a wedding guest that is more covered than for a civil wedding only. The aforementioned dress code is especially important for day guests. It is so respectful to adhere to that dress code. Also as evening guest applies, adhere to the dress code if it is stated. When putting together your outfit, you can take your shoes into account for a possible 'dance evening' and bring an extra pair of shoes for this.

By the way, not everyone chooses to mention a dress code. In that case, choose a beautiful cocktail dress or one of the party dresses for the wedding.

The rules next to the dress code

Are you looking through the range of festive clothing and has no specific dress code been specified? Then it can feel quite difficult if there is no dress code. After all, you don't want to outshine the bride with your outfit or dress.

For example, a white dress is theoretically reserved for the bride only. However, the mother of the bride may choose from dresses for the wedding that match the bride. In any case, the basic rules are that you should in theory adapt your outfit for the wedding as a guest to the bridal couple and the theme of the wedding. Are you in doubt? Then you could always inquire with the wedding couple.

A wedding is always a good excuse to buy a new outfit. We wish you a lot of shopping pleasure and a nice wedding party! Take a quick look at the range of festive items.

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