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dresses a woman from 30 to 50 years old, cosmopolitan and who appreciates the dynamic and sparkling environment. She is a strong and charismatic woman, a professional who loves and affirms her independence, especially at work, and who never gives up her femininity. She is curious and attentive to the reality that surrounds her, in fact, she loves to travel and discover new places. She is passionate about modern art and design, fashion and interior design. She loves fashion but is not a victim of it, she is a fashion follower who in her spare time browses the latest magazines and watches the fashion shows. Her wardrobe is always being renewed, but with an eye for practicality, quality and the theme of sustainability. He takes care of himself and his image, she likes to mix and match clothes and experiment with new looks that best express her personality that stands out but without being over the top.

Her clothes for today are always feminine and refined, in fact her eye rests on the details that are never left to chance: buttons, piping, linings, accessories enrich each garment and make it unique. But it is on special occasions, such as cocktails, vernissages or ceremonies where it best expresses its elegance. She is drawn to precious materials and details, such as embroidery, crystals, sequins, lurex: elements she appreciates in long dresses with a pronounced but never exaggerated neckline, but also in shorter ones, which she manages to downplay with leather jackets or blazers with a contemporary cut. Dresses that get bolder and more glamorous for the party night.

Finally, she is a woman who never gives up color. Her wardrobe, both for the summer and winter season, always stands out for the bright nuances, the vibrant and refined prints to express a refined and never banal femininity at any time of the day.

Seen on Instagram #dcrotterdam